Building & Garden
View from our Memorial Garden

Here are some answers to the questions you might have about GPC. If you cannot find an answer here or on our website, please contact our office.

When do we worship?
We worship regularly on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. and we extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join us. We also have special services for holidays. For more information on our worship format see Worship Services. A list of special services can be found here.

Where do I park?
We have a large parking lot accommodating 172 cars, including 7 permanently identified parking spots close to the church entrance for people with disabilities. There is also a drop-off driveway along the sidewalk leading to the church entrance. During the winter, church members will assist people being dropped off in this area.

Where is the front door?
Our front door is in the back! We have three entryways to our church from the parking lot.  The left (north) entrance under the portico has two entrances.  The glass doors straight ahead are the main entrance to the narthex/vestibule, the church sanctuary and the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.  The glass door to the left under the portico leads to the adult lounge and choir room.  The right (south) entrance leads to the Fellowship Hall and kitchen.

What should I wear?
We welcome you for who you are not for what you wear. There is no “dress code”. You will see us in casual attire, suits or shorts. So come and be yourself.

Why Wear a Mask?
As followers of Jesus, we believe in centering the needs of the most vulnerable in our community when making decisions. For this reason, the GPC community has covenanted together to put the safety of our unvaccinated children, and immunocompromised people of all ages, first by continuing to wear masks during worship and refraining from congregational singing. We agree to these small sacrifices because that is how we love our vulnerable neighbors and offer them a radical welcome during this pandemic time.  If you are a family with young children or a person with serious health concerns, we welcome you into our sanctuary. May it offer you a place where you feel safe to worship and come together with us in community.

Should I bring the children?
Of course! Young people are a part of our church community, too.

How do you announce closings for inclement weather?
We follow the Gates-Chili school district Emergency Closings policy. See our Policy for closing

What type of accessibility do you have?
We encourage people of all abilities to worship with us. We have ground level and wheelchair access to all the public spaces in our church. Large print worship service bulletins, large print hymnals, and a personal P.A. system (induction loop) are available. We also welcome service dogs.

Could we have an event in your building?
Our building is available to church members and their family/friends.  If you wish to have an event at our building, you need to have a relationship with a church member.  Classrooms, a large Fellowship Hall (with kitchen) and an adult lounge are generally available. You will need to make an application a month before the event and show proof of insurance. Please see our Using our facilities page.  See also, Weddings, Baptism & Communion, Funerals and Memorial Services.  For a list of current community users of our building check Opening Our Doors.