Sunday School

We use the Spark Rotation Curriculum in our Sunday School classes.

There are 8 available workshops for each Bible story allowing for our teachers to tailor the lesson to our children.

Art – kids create individual or group projects to reinforce the Bible story
Bible Skills and Games – get kids into their Bibles with friendly competition
Cooking – an easy-to-prepare snack based on the theme of the Bible story
Creative Drama – kids dramatize the story in a variety of ways
Digital Media and Technology – uses a variety of technology—phones, cameras, and more—as a way for kids to connect the Bible stories with their everyday lives
Music – kids engage with the story through music and movement
Science – kids do hands-on, sensory-based experiments
Video – kids watch movie clips to help relate the Bible story themes to their own lives

Due to copyright issues, the curriculum needs to be password protected.  Click on the link below and you will be prompted for a password.

Sunday School Curriculum

Please contact if you are in need of the password.