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Stewardship involves the faithful management of all gifts that God gives us; time, talent and financial resources. We provide many opportunities to acknowledge these gifts while being loyal in our devotion to God.

Giving as an annual financial pledge
Our stewardship commitments are an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our common faith, and the ways in which we feel called to participate in the coming year. Stewardship is first and foremost an act of gratitude, one way in which we give thanks for God’s many gifts. The Holy Spirit empowers GPC to be a joyful community of faith.

We make a financial pledge in October for the upcoming year. This financial commitment supports many ministry and mission endeavors as well as our staff and building needs. To obtain a pledge card at any time of the year or a year-end statement of your giving, contact the office. See also, Electronic Giving.

Giving of your time and talents
We value every person as a gift from God with talents known or unknown to them. We encourage you to explore any aspect of the church activities that seem interesting to you. We have developed a short Time and Talent survey to help guide your way in describing your interests.

Giving as a congregation
As a congregation in The Presbyterian Church (USA), we support mission regionally, nationally, and internationally by our denominational giving.

Giving to a scholarship fund
For many years, the congregation and others have supported the Mustard Seed scholarship program. To give to this program, contact the office.

See also, Gifts of Endowment, Memorial Gifts and Stewardship & Budget Committee.