Memorial Gifts

Memorial Fund

We have established a Memorial Fund to provide an opportunity for family and friends to donate money to our church in memory of a deceased loved one. Envelopes for your memorial gift are provided by the church and can be mailed to you upon request.  If you need a memorial gift envelope, please email the office.

Memorial gifts can be mailed to Gates Presbyterian Church, 1049 Wegman Rd, Rochester, NY  14624.

Building & Garden
View from our Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden was created as a hallowed place for the interment of ashes of our faithful departed. This garden has been dedicated in the spirit of closing the ministry from birth to death.

The Memorial Garden increases our choices by providing a sacred space, not a cemetery, on our church grounds to remember those who have passed away. Ashes are placed directly into the soil without a container or in a biodegradable container, so that they become part of the living garden. The Garden is also used as a special gathering place for prayer and meditation.

A memorial brick may be purchased separately and incorporated in the pathway of the garden. The brick will be engraved with the deceased name, birth year and death year. A permanent record listing the names of the people whose ashes are buried in the garden is maintained in a Memorial Garden Memory Book.

Memorial Garden Committee Members:  Mary Hughes, Barb Snaith, Eric Vail, Janice Bilohlavek, Ed Coons and Rev. Laura Bachmann

For more information on the Memorial Fund or Memorial Garden, contact the office and see the Memorial Fund Policy and the Memorial Garden Policies and Procedures in the GPC Manual of Operations.