Gifts to the Mustard Seed Scholarship

In 1997, the Mustard Seed fund was established with a generous donation of $10,000. In 2001, the fund had grown to the point where the Mustard Seed Committee felt that limited disbursements from the fund could begin. Initially, the disbursements were in the form of a loan to the youth of our church. After 4 years and 34 additional donations, the Mustard Seed Committee decided in 2005 that a 4-year scholarship could be awarded. While the amount of the scholarship has been increased since the initial 4-year scholarship, the practice of awarding a 4-year scholarship continues.

Giving a gift

It is the purpose of the Mustard Seed Scholarship Program to make a substantial financial contribution towards the higher education of a deserving youth who has been active in the life of the church. Higher education is defined as being post-High School (either college or trade school).

Financial gifts, which could take on various forms, such as cash, stocks, bonds, beneficiary of life insurance or other means, are managed in a fashion establishing both permanence and stability of the fund.

For more information or a scholarship application, see the Mustard Seed Scholarship Program and Policies section in the Committee Descriptions and Church Policies, Guidelines and Bylaws for Gates Presbyterian Church 2014, or contact the office.