Church Leadership & Staff

The Rev. Laura Bachmann, Pastor

An Episcopalian by birth and a Presbyterian by choice, I am drawn to God’s call to gather in community as the priesthood of all believers, Christ’s body in the world. I am sustained by the deep sense of God’s abiding presence, by the call to live in solidarity with our neighbors, and by the desire to live out my faith in the concrete ways Jesus commands in Matthew 25: to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, and visit the sick and imprisoned. It is my joy to travel with this community of believers, each of us finding our way in a broken world, forgiving one another, offering compassion and care, sharing wisdom and a word of truth. I believe that each of us is beautifully made in God’s image and all are welcome at God’s table. As a new way of being church unfolds before us, I look forward to finding out where the Holy Spirit will lead us next.

Office Administrator: Karen Kozlowski

Treasurer: Tracy Burkovich

Adult & Youth Choir Director

Roy Smith

Junior Choir Director

Debbie White

Pianist / Organist

Andy Pratt

Childcare Providers

Anne Tonery-DeMars

Bev Switzer

Video Live Stream Director

Evan Mikoll



Bob Staszewski


Directory of Church Boards – 2023

Ruling EldersDeaconsTrustees
Betty Blystone
Tom Brewer
Christine Cook
Paul Gluchowski
Lauren Henderberg
Sheri MacFarlane
MaryBeth MacKenzie
Kris Ohman
Katie Steinmiller

For a description of the board that Ruling Elders belong to, see Session.
Jan Brewer
Dan Charcholla
Simon Njumbwa
Fran Paro
Sue Poole
Bill Shirtz
Linda Sidore
Barb Snaith
Paula Sousa
Anne Tonery-DeMars
Irene Ward

For a description of the board of Deacons, see Deacons.
Roger Best
Jan Beutner-Shirtz
Ed Coons
Bill Dassero
Gary Dykes
Jason Taylor
Chris Thornton
Tom Ward
Dennis White

For a description of the board of Trustees, see Trustees.