Our Church

There are many features of our church that speak of who we are.

The bricks that make up the exterior walls as well as the walls of the sanctuary are called “clinker” bricks. These are basically the bricks that were normally rejected by masons because they were imperfect or defective. These “clinker” bricks represent not only that we as Christians are all unique, as no two bricks are the same, but also that God, as well as the church, accepts and loves us with all our imperfections. Clinker Bricks
One of the focal points in the sanctuary is the communion table, which is located in the center. This reminds us that we gather as a community around the Lord’s table to break bread and drink from the cup in memory of the one who died for our sins, Jesus Christ. Sanctuary Center
The other focal point in the sanctuary is the pulpit where God’s word is heard. The pulpit itself is simple and only slightly elevated to show that those who read and preach from this pulpit are not special or “above” the congregation in stature, but are in fact ordinary people. Also, clergy are not seated behind the pulpit for all to see, but they sit in the pews among the congregation suggesting that the congregation, and not just the clergy, ministers to each other. Pulpit
Just as the clergy are located among the congregation, so too are the choir and organ. This suggests that the choir and music ministry, important parts in leading worship, are not only equally as important as all the other pieces of worship, but are also part of the congregation. Organ
To further illustrate how the congregation ministers to each other, the pews are situated in the round so the congregation can see one another during worship. This configuration also suggests that the congregation is a family seated around the Lord’s table, much as any family might share their experiences around the dinner table. Pulpit and Pews


Under the original building design, the cross extended from the sky light located above the communion table to represent how Christ is at the center of our lives and that our Christianity begins in the sanctuary and extends into the world beyond. Years later, the cross was mounted to the front of the building as a result of structural concerns. The cross still shines as a sign of our Christianity in the surrounding community.

Sky Light Church Cross


Upon entering the church at the door nearest to the sanctuary, visitors are greeted by two stained glass windows from the previous church building. These windows provide a strong link to the past and represent where we came from as a congregation.

Also located in the entrance near the sanctuary is a peace pole. This represents the ongoing goal of the congregation to be an advocate for world peace.

Stain Glass Window Stain Glass Window Peace Pole