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Lent 2019

The Path of Forgiveness:
Healing Ourselves and the World
Join us every Sunday during Lent as explore in worship through silence, song, scripture, prayer and guided practices. These practices can be use in our everyday lives to walk the path of forgiveness. Come be a part of realizing that we are all capable of healing and transformation.
March 10th                                             Why Forgive?”
Nelson Mandela once said that not to forgive is “like drinking a glass of poison and waiting for your enemies to die.” There is too much of this poison readily available and eagerly consumed in our society today. Forgiveness is vital to life: the person who is willing to forgive demonstrates less anxiety and stress, better physical, and a renewed energy inspired by hope and optimism. In worship today you will receive a stone and a journal, supplies that will help focus and support our journey on the path of forgiveness.
March 17th                                                                   “Telling the Story”
We all experience pain, hurt and loss. Whether the harm is intentional or unintentional, the hurt is real. Each time we are injured we stand at a folk in the road to choose the path of forgiveness or the path of retaliation. Come learn how telling our stories help us to understand and make meaning out of our hurting.
March 24th                                             “Naming the Hurt”
As the healing begins, our relationship to the story loosens and might find ourselves “stuck” are certain parts of our story. While it might seem easier to dismiss a hurt and pretend it didn’t happen, it always finds a way to express itself. Naming hurts is how we begin to repair our broken parts.
March 31st                                             “Granting Forgiveness”
On this FUS!ON Sunday, all ages are welcome to explore the story of a community in Beirut, Lebanon who turned their stones of violence and hatred into a Garden of Forgiveness. Bring your stone with you to worship as learn about the power of granting forgiveness in our own lives.  Join us after worship in the Sanctuary for a screening the documentary “The Power of Forgiveness.”
April 7th                                  “Renewing or Releasing”
Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby, an American Baptist pastor, discovered the art of sand painting as a way to meditate and teach. She uses tiny grains of naturally colored sand using Tibetan techniques to create breathtaking mandalas. Katie Jo will lead worship, creating a mandala and teaching us about the invitation to renew or release on our journey of forgiveness

Lent 2019 Family Guide

Click here to view and/or print the 2019 Family Guide for Lent.