Harbinger Newsletter

The Harbinger is our newsletter mailed or emailed to GPC members and to anyone who wishes to know about the activities in our church. Harbinger means “a forerunner of what is to come” and aptly describes life in our church.

The Harbinger is published monthly, except for July and August when a combined summer issue is published.

If you would like to receive the Harbinger through mail or email, contact our office.

To submit articles to the Harbinger, see Policies and Procedures.

The following are the links to the PDF versions of the most recent Harbingers and the calendars mailed with them.


January 2019 Harbinger January 2019 Calendar
December 2018 Harbinger December 2018 Calendar
November 2018 Harbinger November 2018 Calendar
October 2018 Harbinger October 2018 Calendar
September 2018 Harbinger September 2018 Calendar
Summer 2018 Harbinger
June 2018 Harbinger June 2018 Calendar
May 2018 Harbinger May 2018 Calendar
April 2018 Harbinger April 2018 Calendar
March 2018 Harbinger March 2018 Calendar
February 2018 Harbinger February 2018 Calendar
January 2018 Harbinger January 2018 Calendar