GPC Renewal

The Renewal Ministry Team has created a creative plan for worship during our Time of Renewal this coming summer. We are very excited to share the schedule of events. Whether you can make one or more or all of these events, we hope that you find the Renewal Time a chance to grow in faith.

There will be two learning experiences that everyone can be a part of here in Rochester. The two learning opportunities will revolve around Judaism and Islam and will consist of 4 events each. People can go to any or all of the events and we will invite our Riverside Neighbors to join us.
1. We will have a second hour where we will learn about Judaism, we will attend a Jewish service at a Temple, a Jewish Rabbi will lead worship with us on a Sunday morning and we will have a traditional Jewish meal.
2. We will do the same for Islam. We will learn about Islam, attend a Muslim service at the Islamic Center, have a group of young Muslim women lead Sunday worship and we will have a traditional Middle Eastern meal.

Below is the calendar of events:


  • 10 Kickoff Celebration – Ice Cream Truck
  • 24 Second hour-Judaism class- learn about the Jewish faith


  • 8 Rabbi preaches with Second Hour
  • 13 Jewish service (Pride Shabbat) at Temple Sinai at 8 pm
  • 22 Second hour- Islam class- learn about the Muslim faith
  • 27-30 Trip to Stony Point


  • 17 Muslim service at the Islamic Center of Rochester at noon
  • 19 Carol Anne leads worship; Jewish Meal at Sabre Restaurant at 5 pm
  • 26 Bruce Boak leads worship


  • 2 Bruce Boak preaching
  • 9 Middle Eastern Meal at As Evi Restaurant at 5 pm
  • 16 Muslims lead worship with Second hour
  • 23 International Peacemaker leads worship with Second Hour


  • 7 Renewal Celebration – Melissa returns; Food Truck