Young Children

Sunday School

Fusion Room Art

Fusion Room Art

Gates Presbyterian Church offers Sunday School classes for young children from age 3 through 8th grade from mid-September to mid-June (for teens, see Youth Ministry). Our young children join the congregation in worship through the “Thoughts for Children”, after which they are excused to go to their Sunday School classes. If you are new, assistants will be present to help children find their classroom. The last Sunday of each month is a FUS!ON Sunday, and children are welcome and encouraged to participate in the entire worship service.

Our SunSunday School Childrenday School classes are taught by volunteers from the congregation who generously share their time, talent and faith with our children. Youth members of the church are also actively involved in working with our young children in their Sunday School classes. The Young Children Committee works in concert with our pastoral staff to assure that our Sunday School program continues to help our children grow in their faith.

Most classes use the Spark Rotational curriculum, which has a more energetic approach.


Infant/Toddler Care

Room 4 is the nursery/toddler room available during worship. You may stay with your children or have them be supervised by our trained attendants at any time during the service.