Mission, Values and Beliefs

Who is GPC?

As a joyful community,
empowered by the Holy Spirit;
We worship God,
follow Jesus
and love our neighbors.

– Mission Statement Adopted by Session; June 2014

Gates Presbyterian Church is a Christian community that embodies God’s love and mercy in practical and meaningful ways. We live out our faith through:

Worship: Glorify God through traditional and nontraditional styles of liturgy, prayer, scripture, thanksgiving, and music.

Hospitality: Intentional practices and conversations that challenge us to imitate God’s welcome.

Mission: Reflect the love of God by reaching out to those on the margins of our local, regional and worldwide communities.

Spiritual Growth: Create spaces where all generations can learn together, listen, share our questions and struggles, and actively live our Christian faith in daily life.


Gates Presbyterian Church is a More Light Church