Boards & Core Ministry Teams


The affairs of our church are governed, managed, supervised and controlled by a council known as the Session of the church. The Session consists of teaching elders (the pastor) and ruling elders who are members of the church.

Session members are chosen by the congregation for a two year term to discern and measure its fidelity to the Word of God, and to strengthen and nurture the congregation’s faith and life. Ruling elders, together with teaching elders, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. Church core ministries are led by session members, and each ruling elder has a different set of responsibilities in the congregation. If you have a concern about the church which you think should be brought to a session member, either speak to an elder at the communion table after worship, or call the office for contact information.

Deacons are church members who have been chosen to serve for two years. The ministry of deacon as set forth in scripture is one of compassion, witness and service. They are called to share in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ with the poor, sick, burdened, lost, friendless, distressed, hungry and oppressed. If you are ill, grieving, or undergoing surgery and would like to speak to a deacon, call the office for contact information.

Trustees are church members who have been chosen to serve for two years. They manage and maintain the equipment, supplies and property for the congregation in accordance with the accomplishment of the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. Each trustee has a different responsibility in the church – if you see something in the church building or on the grounds which needs to be addressed, call the office for contact information.

Descriptions are summarized from the Book of Order 2013-2015, The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Core Ministry Teams

Spiritual Growth
We design “Spiritual Journeys” to expand our knowledge of a contemporary topic while engaging us to explore, question, and raise awareness and spiritual knowledge about our own personal faith journey, within the context of being Presbyterian.
Elder:  Carrie Dykes and Christine Cook

We endeavor to foster an environment surrounding worship for guests to feel comfortable enough to become a part of the GPC family. The committee support programs and events where the GPC family can be strengthened through fellowship and service to one another.
Elders:  Linda Beattie and Carol Henchen

We extend the love, caring and Christian fellowship of GPC to God’s people locally, regionally and internationally providing help to those in need. See Mission.
Elders:  Ben Olsen and Linda Sidore

We work with the pastors to support the worship services and programs of the church related to worship. We help prepare children and youth for participation in worship, for example, by having them serve as youth liturgists. We provide maintenance of worship furnishings and seasonal elements seeking to provide a worship environment that helps us grow in faith together. We have a robust musical program including a Young Children’s choir, Youth and Adult choirs.  See Worship.
Elders:  Sheri MacFarlane and Janice Phillips

Ministry with Youth and Young Children
Youth-We facilitate the planning and programming of youth activities for 7 through 12 which includes Sunday SchoolYouth Group, and Mission Work Projects which are local, national and international in scope. See also, Youth.
Elder:  TBD

Young Children-We are responsible for programs for children from birth through 6th grade including care for infants and toddlers during worship, and Sunday School for children from age 3 through 6th grade. Working in concert with our pastors, we select curriculum, recruit and train teachers, and assure that our programs continue to help our children grown in their faith. We build intergenerational relationships between our children and our GPC family as a whole.
See Sunday School and Infant/Toddler Care.
Elder:  Lauren Henderberg